Peter Yu

Peter Yu

Peter started his journey into the world of pop music after graduating from the Musician’s
Institute in Los Angeles in 2014. He has collaborated with numerous singers in recording
albums and going on tours. Peter’s playing style is heavily influenced by American culture.
While he feels most at home with the blues and funk, he never stops exploring and trying
out new styles. He has collaborated with Richie Jen, Ma Nien Hsien, Jolin Cai, Tanya Chua, and many others. Among those artists are Tulbus Mangququ & the Bunun Warriors, who were nominated for Best Aboriginal Album (28 th Golden Melody Awards) and Best Folk Album (8 th Golden Indie Music Awards).

Influence artist/ band: Steve Lukather, Randy Rhonda, Steve Vai, Skyline, TFP, TOTO … etc

​Influence style : 80’s Rock, Motown, Blues Grass, Blues, Funk, Smooth Jazz.