Jazzy Su

Keyboards/ Synthesizers/ MIDI Programming
Jazzy Su

Jazzy began learning the piano, classic theory composition and violin at six. As a music protégé, he claimed top prize at a national music competition in theory composition for two consecutive years. Proceeding to high school, he started learning synthesizers and drums. In college, he began forming bands and performing in Pop music and Jazz events. Since then, he has also played for the demo music promoting digital pianos and synthesizers for instrument brands such as Yamaha and Roland. In addition, he writes music arrangements for computer games and variety shows as well as tries performing with different instrument, player and music style ensembles. 

Jazzy is specialized in piano and keyboards, as well as music writing and arrangements. He is equally versed in multiple music genres ranging from Classical, Pop, Rock, Latin to Jazz. He enjoys offering his audiences musical feasts boasting cutting-edge elements by always experimenting with a new mix of players, a combo of conventional and modern instruments and varied music styles. He is a regular performer at major Jazz festivals, campus events and commercial performances, having many accolades and experiences under his belt. 

Jazzy is nominated for "Best Jazz Producer" by 2020 US Independent Music Awards (IMAs) and "Best Instrumental Album Producer", "Best Instrumental Composer" by 2022 Golden Melody Awards (GMA).

Influences: Dave Grusin, Jeff Lorber, David Benoit, T-Square, Casiopia...  

  • Keyboardist for Dizzy Jazz Big Band
  • Keyboardist at local singer Bobby Chen’s year-end countdown and concert tours
  • Demo player for Yamaha and Roland’s digital pianos and synthesizers promotional tours 
  • Writer of music accompaniments for computer games and variety shows