Jimmy Lee

Saxophone/ Flute/ EWI
Jimmy Cheng-Yu Lee

A classical and jazz saxophonist, Jimmy Cheng-Yu Lee teaches saxophone and Jazz history/ appreciation/ theory/ performance in National Normal University, National Taipei University of Education, Fu Jen Catholic University and Soochow University. He also served as the band leader and music director of the Taipei Jazz Orchestra (TJO), the lecturer of National Performing Arts Center Jazz Camp, and Taichung Youth Jazz Camp. He specializes in Classical and Jazz saxophone performance, basic theories of Jazz music, Jazz music arrangement, and conduct of Jazz orchestras.

Jimmy obtained his Master of Music in Saxophone Performance from University of North Texas in 2004 after receiving music certificate from Bowling Green State University in 2001. During the years in U.S., he studied classical saxophone with Dr. John Sampen, Dr. Eugene Rousseau, and Dr. Eric Nestler, and jazz studies with James Miglia, Mike Steniel, James Riggs and John Murphy.

Jimmy has been active in Jazz performance and education after returing to Taiwan. As a soloist, he has performed with the NSO Principal String Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Fu Jen Catholic University Symphony Orchestra, Sun Yat-Sen University Symphony Orchestra, Hsinchu Symphony Orchestra, etc. For Jazz composition, his works have been subsidized by the National Culture and Arts Foundation and the Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs many times. Since 2015, he has been a lecturer of Jazz workshops in Thailand, China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong), Cyprus and Lebanon with Jazz Education Abroad.

Jimmy leads Onyx Jazz Quartet and won the 1st Prize in “Chrysler & ICRT Jazz Competition” in 2005, and Creative Award in “Land Music Awards” in 2006. In 2007, Onyx Jazz Quartet released its first album “Reliance”. Jimmy released his first classical album “Fantaisie” in 2009, and was nominated the Best Arranger Award in the 21st Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. In 2012, he released his first Solo album "New Moon" and was nominated for the Best Jazz Album of the 4th Golden Indie Music Awards. He also leads the Taipei Jazz Orchestra (TJO) to release albums "Knives Out", "Rose Rose I Love You", "TJO Ten Years Swing" and "Love of Keelung Mountain" in 2012, 2014, 2019, and 2020 respectively. 

His book "Jazz Theory for Novices", "Jazz Method for Saxophone", "20/12 Easy Pieces for Saxophone", "Classical Pieces for Alto Saxophone", "Marcello: Sonata Op.2 No.8 for Soprano/Alto Saxophone and Piano", "Telemann: Sonata TWV 41:B6 for Soprano/Alto Saxophone and Piano", "George Frideric Handel: Sonata Op.1/3 for Alto Saxophone and Piano", "Francois Devienne: Sonata Op.24/3 for Alto Saxophone and Piano" and "Jazz Standards for Ukulele" were published by Mercury Publishing House.

Jimmy is an artist/endorser of Antigua Saxophone and D'Addario Woodwind.

TJO (Taipei Jazz Orchestra)

  • 2021 Taichung Jazz Festival
  • 2020 Taipei Paramount
  • 2020 Charlie Parker 100 Celebration Concert
  • 2020 Jazz Haloween
  • 2020 Taichung Jazz Festival
  • 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival
  • 2019 Taichung Jazz Festival
  • 2019 聖誕音樂會【紅鼻子馴鹿】
  • 2019 嘉義市國際管樂節
  • 2019 Nat King Cole 納京高百年紀念音樂會 x 聶雲
  • 2019 第五屆爵士大樂團嘉年華 Big Band Madness
  • 2019 〖十年搖擺〗 臺北爵士大樂隊十年紀念音樂會 @國家音樂廳
  • 2018 台中爵士音樂節 x Eric Marienthal
  • 2018 聖誕音樂會【搖擺胡桃鉗】
  • 2018 嘉義市國際管樂節 x Alex Sipiagin x 雷柏熹
  • 2018 桃園管樂嘉年華 (與小野麗莎及藍調東京全明星爵士大樂團 Blue Note Tokyo All-Star Jazz Orchestra 合演)
  • 2018 第四屆爵士大樂團嘉年華 Big Band Madness
  • 2017 平賀真理香平賀真理香與臺北爵士大樂隊
  • 2017 第三屆爵士大樂團嘉年華 Big Band Madness
  • 2016 台中爵士音樂節
  • 2016 第二屆爵士大樂團嘉年華 Big Band Madness
  • 2016 桃園藝術巡演
  • 2016 清華大學創校105週年暨在臺復校60週年 校慶音樂會
  • 2015 台中爵士音樂節
  • 2015 第一屆爵士大樂團嘉年華 Big Band Madness
  • 2015 夏蘭博四季音樂節─夏天爵士樂
  • 2015 爵士聖誕樂・瑞信慈善音樂會
  • 2010 台北市中山堂
  • 2010 美僑俱樂部 慈善音樂會
  • 2009 蘆洲功學社音樂會
  • 2009 藍調咖啡屋
  • 2009 西門紅樓 河岸留言
  • 2008 冬季學生發表會
  • 2008 城市舞台法蘭瓷藝術沙龍


  • 2017 李承育古典薩克斯風獨奏會 國家音樂廳演奏廳
  • 2011 李承育薩克斯風獨奏會 輔仁大學懷仁廳
  • 2007 李承育薩克斯風獨奏會 古典與爵士的對話
  • 2003 碩士畢業音樂會 北德州大學獨奏聽

奧尼斯 Onyx 爵士四重奏  

  • 2009 中華大學 藝文活動 - 說爵士 聽爵士
  • 2008 宜蘭國際蘭雨節系列活動 - 爵士夜
  • 2008 清華大學藝術中心2008年春夏藝文活動 - 多元文化 藝術的台灣
  • 2008 統寶新春音樂饗宴 - 奧尼斯爵士四重奏音樂會
  • 2007 奧尼斯爵士四重奏 原創作品Ⅱ 音樂會


  • 2008 國立中正文化中心 演奏廳
  • 2008 秋之音樂沙龍
  • 2008 十方樂集 週末音樂會
  • 2008 中山大學音樂交流音樂會
  • 2007 輔仁大學校際交流音樂會


  • 2009 第十五屆薩克斯風年會
  • 2009 台新銀行 午間音樂會
  • 2008 國立中正文化中心 演奏廳


  • 2009 NSO首席弦樂團 - 風雲再現
  • 2009 STEVE HOUGHTON 2009 朱宗慶打擊樂團春季音樂會
  • 2009 搖擺春天 輔仁大學爵士大樂團
  • 2009 南方爵士
  • 2008 輔大藝術節系列活動 2008輔仁大學音樂系所教師聯合音樂會