Jazz Colors - a true reflection of diverse beauty of city life
Skyline’s second album “City Colors”
  • The latest creation since the band’s debut album “City Guide”
  • Featuring Jazz Masters - Gerald Albright, Paul Jackson Jr. and Alain Caron
  • Produced again by a world-class production team with a perfect combination of Jazz, Pop, Latin, R&B, Funk & Rock
  • Named among global top 12 bands at the 3rd Cotai Jazz and Blues Festival in Macau
  • Performed live at Java Jazz Festival, the world’s biggest Jazz festival

Since it launched its first studio album “City Glide”in 2014 , Skyline has received wide acclaim from home and abroad for its diverse music elements and mature urban Jazz style. In addition to being nominated for the Best New Artist at the 5th Golden Indie Music Awards in 2014, the band was among the world’s top 12 bands at the 3rd Cotai Jazz and Blues Festival in Macau in the same year and then invited to perform live at the 2015 Java Jazz Festival, the world’s biggest Jazz music festival. Following its debut success, Skyline launched its second album “City Colors” in 2016. Extending the concept of “silouette of the city”, Skyline seeks to inject greater musical richness and cultural depth into the production to create some truly unique Fusion Jazz tunes.

“City Colors” focuses on the special moments of city life, capturing the bits and pieces of the touching scenes in our lives and concretize them through music so that they may be interpreted even powerfully and become vivid images in listeners’ minds.


1. Greet the Dawn

This song depicts an enthusiastic, go-getter attitude toward life. Taking the lead of this music creation, the uplifting and unique EWI sound is expected to cheer up any listener. The dynamic and unimpeded tempo clearly captures our band members’ passion to cherish every minute and live their lives to the fullest.

2. Keep Goin’

The elegant pop’s moderato tempo resembles the heartbeat and breathing. With its catchy tune, this is an extremely memorable piece.

3. Leaving

This melodic piece carrying a tad of sadness opens with a beautiful piano solo, which bears a sharp contrast to the passionate roar of the Saxophone at the end. This is a perfect music creation to send our blessings and yearnings to someone beloved who has embarked on a journey and we may never see again.

4. Ocean Promenade

Set to the relaxing, upbeat tempo of Samba, this piece features fingerstyle nylon guitar common in Latin music. Played to the sixth and 3rd intervals, it boasts a cheerful, refreshing feel enjoyed by one strolling at the beach. In a word, this creation exudes a pleasant flair and a free spirit. What a happy piece!
(Guest Musician: Roberto Zayas on Guitar; Cheng Sun on Drums)

5. Sudden Romance

Using the common tempo and harmony of Smooth Jazz, this soft melody easily engages listeners into the story of the song. Jazz guitar legend Paul Jackson Jr.’s emotional performance does justice to the essence of this piece.
(feat. Paul Jackson Jr. on Guitar)
(Guest Musician: Shawna Yang on Soprano Saxophone)

6. Timeship

Set to a very classic groove of Funk Fusion, this piece features carefully-arranged harmony and tempo twists. Jazz Saxophone master Gerald Albright vividly depicts the relentless moving of time with his performance which alternates between romantic and free-spirited sentiments. The scenes of the piece flow incessantly and end as Saxophone and piano players trade solos.
(feat. Gerald Albright on Saxophone) 

7. Lakeside

This tune features the most stress-free instrumental arrangement in Jazz to create a relaxing tempo resembling one’s leisurely stroll by the lake as he soaks in the scenery before him. As the soft, delicate music of Soprano Saxophone meets a steady, low fretless bassline by Jazz Bass Maestro Alain Caron, it is like an elegant and ravishing exchange between the mountains and rivers.
(feat. Alain Caron on Bass)
(Guest Musician: Emory Chu on Drums)

8. Breeze Kiss

Set to Adagio, this Bossa Nova piece is like an evening breeze blowing softly over you for you to chill out. With unassuming traditional instruments, this creation perfectly accentuates the soft and elegant timber of the flute and brings out the primitive sensation in us.
(Guest Musician: Shawna Yang on Flute)

9. Beyond the Rainbow

Characterized by a folk rock style, this piece features a light, bright tempo. Coupled with the melodious tone of the Saxophone, this piece depicts a childlike heart that seeks after the colorful beauty of life.
(Guest Musician: Emory Chu on Drums)

10. Sparkling Rain

The synthesized tone which sounds so crisp and fresh like crystal raindrops invites all to rock! The guitarist’s painstaking music arrangement and excellent solo, which alternates between wildness and quietness, bring an incredibly rich jazzy rain shower. Such a feast of rain certainly cleanses one’s mind and soul. As the rain stops and thick clouds dissipate, one realizes that the eyes of his heart are enlightened in an amazing manner.

Skyline brings you best musicscape of urban Jazz
About our debut album “City Glide”:
  •   Recommended by a list of renowned Jazz critics, producers and musicians in Taiwan
  •   Mixed by Grammy Award winner/ legendary audio engineer Craig Burbidge
  •   Mastered by Grammy Award nominee Sangwook “Sunny” Nam
  •  A perfect combination of music genres including Jazz, Pop, Latin, R&B, Funk & Rock
  •  A masterpiece comprising 10 instrumental Fusion Jazz songs produced by musicians, bursting with infectious energy and portraying various facets of urban life

Themed voices of the city, the debut album reflects the richness of our band members’ life experiences, creating a unique, soothing and deep urban feel.

Based on modern Jazz, Skyline’s music boasts a variety of elements for a fusion style showcasing the city's diverse lifestyles. Such richness of music will certainly evoke listeners’ emotions and tug at their heartstrings.

Just as the band name skyline suggests, our Jazz music is urban, telling countless stories as fascinating as sunrise and sunset. Day in and day out, the senses of men and women are stimulated by kiss of satin-like lips, crystal blue lakes and shining golden glass curtains in all angles. Such colors of life are hidden under the city’s skyline, waiting to be discovered. 
Crafted by a world-class production team paying attention to exquisite details, this album is worth your listen.


1. Fashion Extravaganza

The first hit in this album, depicting the city's noble men and women in glamorous and elegant gesture blurred with excitement and provocation. Created and inspired by the image of “red carpet”, this song invites you to join the toast.

2. Indigo Mood

Based on a Minor Blues, this song expresses deep personal emotions. Since there’ll be inevitable up-and-down moments in city life, always adhere to what you believe to turn negative to positive, is the best way to go out of the blue.

3. Happy Weekend

A tune with 70’s/ 80’s feel, depicting the mood greeting coming weekend. The carefree mood associated with the feeling being accompanied by the one you love, is exactly what this tune all about.

4. Underneath the Sky

This is a song about dreams. A young man came to the big city, determined to succeed in the new world. It delicately interprets a young heart ready to take off.

5. Memories of a Snowy Night

The first hit in this album, depicting the city's noble men and women in glamorous and elegant gesture blurred with excitement and provocation. Created and inspired by the image of “red carpet”, this song invites you to join the toast.

6. Costa del Verano

Summer + Coast = happy freedom! Everyone living in the city has the notion to escape from the concrete jungle from time to time. When summer comes, just get a ride on coast highway, chasing sunshine and leave everything behind!
(Guest Musician: Mont Wang on Guitar Cheng Sun on Drums)

7. Lazy Afternoon

This is a Bossa nova style of song, which memorize the time in Provence with gentle melody, illustrating the French countryside with a lazy charm and amorous. Bassist - Richard uses Piccolo and Fretless Bass to interpret the song, creating a unique form of style.

8. Lush Layers

This is a highly stylish song featured in the album. Keyboardist - Jazzy always wanted to write a song which makes people dazzling with layers of sound, just like driving a car in the city with lines of light, seemingly chaotic but gorgeous by the rhythm session.
(Guest Musician: Frank Cheung on Guitar)

9. Midnight Party

In the night of the city, the most unrestrained emotion always evoke after midnight. Take off the mask, liberate the soul with alcohol, nothing more to say but keep the memorable note. Saxphonist peaks it well!

10. City Glide

The title song of the album, in which EWI adds quite contemporary feel to the song. Imagine we look at the city from thousands of feet off the ground, flying in the city's streets. How comfortable and at ease will it be! Guitarist - Sean wrote this song and put a great title for this album.