11/22 Skyline live at Taipei Eastern Jazz Festival 2.0

Skyline is going to bring a new series of "Song of the Earth" by renowned ...

09 Nov, 2020

11/6 Skyline live at Kaohsiung Blue Fantasy

Blue Fantasy is finally having its own Jazz festival. There will be a list...

22 Oct, 2020

10/18 Skyline live at 2020 Taipei Jazz Festival

Date: 10/18 (Sun)  Time: 19:40-20:30 Venue: Tienmu Zhong Cheng Park, fre...

30 Sep, 2020

8/2 A Tribute to J-Fusion 3 @Riverside Live House

The long-awaited A Tribute to J-Fusion 3 is here! Skyline is brining hits...

08 Jul, 2020