July 15 Skyline live at Singapore Jazz in July Festival

24 Jun, 2023

Date: 7/15 (Sat)
Time: 7:00 ~ 9:15 pm
Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theater, Singapore
Event official website:

Skyline is very honored to be invited to perform at the 16th "Jazz in July" music festival in Singapore. This is Singapore's longest running annual jazz event, held at the Esplanade from July 1st to 31st. The festival includes performances and workshops exploring the many forms of jazz. This year, as always, the center has received the support of the Singaporean jazz community, inviting musicians to present diverse performances such as brisk folk songs and avant-garde improvisation. Performers from Singapore, the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan will also appear at the festival, performing unique styles of jazz from each region, building friendship and deepening exchanges through impromptu ensembles and various interactions.

Skyline takes audiences on an experimental music adventure around the world. Immerse yourself in an extravagant journey of music exploration while embracing the essence of various music styles with cultural exchanges beginning with Taiwanese music. Skyline fuses Western jazz with traditional Taiwanese music to form a refreshing take on jazz fusion. This performance is one where heritage meets innovation, creating a timeless harmony of retro and contemporary sounds.


Jazzy Su | Keyboards
Richard Li | Bass
Sergei Chiang | Sax/ Aerophone
Ming Tseng | Drums
Ernie Cheng | Guitar