Skyline’s Album “City Silhouette” 4K Live Streaming Concert

24 Dec, 2021
The winner of the 2020 Independent Music Awards has poured three years into producing its newest work
Skyline's 4th studio album "City Silhouette"
Jazz Silhouette - The Perfect Rendezvous of East and West

Skyline Jazz Band is to release their 4th studio album "City Silhouette" on 24 Dec. Skyline has poured three years into producing its newest work. Based on the idea of going “back to the roots,” this album blends diverse music styles and local life for a sound that is modern yet retro, including Jazz Rock, R&B, Latin, Funk, Chillout, Aboriginal Ancient Tunes, Hakka Eight-Tones (Ba-Yin) and Fulao Folk Songs and featuring international jazz masters from the GRP era for an epoch-making jazz fusion album, including Eric Marienthal, Frank Gambale, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Abraham Laboriel.

After earning accolades for their last album, the members of Skyline have continued to imagine the possibilities of jazz fusion. Skyline wants to use the Western format of jazz music to present our roots in Taiwan, so as to take Aboriginakl Ancient Tunes, Hakka Eight-Tones (Ba-Yin) and Fulao Folk Songs, all parts of Taiwan’s traditional music, and wrap them into the jazz fusion style. We hope to bring a new vibrance and life to that traditional music. We believe this isn't just about inheriting and presenting music. Rather, it's a matter of giving a concrete expression to the inner workings of a culture to create something that is at once retro and modern.

Skyline Jazz Band, the winner of the 2020 Independent Music Awards for Best Live Performance Album has poured three years into producing its newest work. Over Skyline's 10 plus years of creating original music, the members have always drawn inspiration from the greats of jazz fusion. At times, there's a feeling of spiritual connection that transcends time and space. That inspiration set off the band’s grand plan to bring out the free and diverse spirit that is jazz fusion and integrate into this all-new album. There's a unique spirit that, of course, also belongs exclusively to our modern age.

For Skyline's latest album release, the band will be holding live shows throughout Taiwan. This tour offers something special: an online live streaming that fits how people are consuming content during the pandemic. Skyline's Taipei show on January 9 will also feature Elephant Gym, a math rock band from Kaohsiung. Both of these local Taiwanese bands are truly international, having toured in different countries. Their global fanbase can enjoy their performances by watching Taiwan's first ever 4K global live-stream concert. The performance will be captured from multiple camera angles so international viewers can experience that live concert magic like never before. It will be a unique experience that audiences won't want to miss. 

This tour includes Skyline's global premiere of its new album City Silhouette along with a guest performance by Elephant Gym. This show blends the styles of jazz fusion and math rock for a unique effect that highlights the bands' instruments and playing techniques. This exciting concert is a must-see event. It will feature performances from Taiwan's top musicians, including percussionist Alex Wu (who was nominated for Best Instrumental Album and Best Instrumental Album Producer at the Golden Melody Awards and won Best Musician at the Golden Indie Music Awards; he has also played with Sheng-Xiang & Band, Spectro 7, Sizhukong and Sanpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw), Danny Deysher (trumpet player for Jay Chou), Michael Wang (an uprising trombone star in New York's international jazz scene), Jimmy Lu (saxophonist for Wubai & China Blue's world tour), and others. The January 9 concert at Zepp New Taipei will be the Japanese live house brand’s first Taiwan jazz concert in Taiwan since opening the venue two years ago.

2022.1.2 (Sun.) 19:00 Kaohsiung  LIVE WAREHOUSE  (Special Guest:Major in Body Bear)

2022.1.7 (Fri.)  19:30 Taichung  Legacy Taichung  (Special Guest:Tokyo Chuo Line Special)

2022.1.9 (Sun.) 19:30 Taipei  Zepp New Taipei  (Special Guest: Elephant Gym)


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