"City Explorations"nominated for "The Best Instrumental Rec

25 Oct, 2019

Skyline's new album "City Explorations" is nominated for "The Best Instrumental Recording Album of the Year" by The Golden Melody Awards .

“City Explorations” is an experimental concept album that takes listeners on a music adventure around the world. Setting out on the mission of cultural exchanges, this album begins from Taiwanese music and embraces the essences of the music styles from the five continents including folk opera music (Beiguan & Nanguan) in Taiwan, exciting/vibrant African tunes, passionate Flamingo dance music from southern Europe, unchained Latin rhythms from South America, mysterious and distant Indian/Middle Eastern melodies, simple yet deep Asian/oriental elements, elegant/unassuming Tango and central European folk tunes passed down through generations, avant-garde rock requiring complicated skills as well as electronic music that has emerged as a fad in Europe, making this album an extravagant journey of music exploration. Accompanied by classic symphony, this album promises to ignite sparks. This is a full-concept album theme rarely seen among local jazz bands in Taiwan and represents an innovative music approach and set a milestone in Taiwan’s fusion jazz circle.